NoiseAware Uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general: Codes in the 2xx range indicate success. Codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g., not authorized, orgId not included in body, etc.). Codes in the 5xx range could indicate an error with NoiseAware's servers(this is rare) or something outside of our control.

Status Code


200 - OK

Everything worked as expected.

400 - Bad Request

The request was unacceptable, often due to missing a required parameter.

401 - Unauthorized

The request was was denied dued to Authentication, likely you bearer token has expired. If you see this you will need to get a new one.

403 - Forbidden

Authentication is required on all requests, you will see this error if you forgot to put the authentication header in

418 - I'm a Teapot

We used this to be a strong indicator when we changed to a new authentication system. If you see this error you will need to reset your password on the user you are attempting to login to

500, 502, 503, 504 - Internal Server Error

Something went wrong on our end.